Getting Started


  • ease of signup – this is something to consider, especially if you have large classes. Blogger is the easiest we know of.
  • ease of use – learning a language is difficult enough, so why complicate things with difficult to use technology?
  • social networking features – weblogs with built in social networking features will help your students connect with their peers from around the world. Without them, students may float like corks in the Pacific Ocean.
  • privacy – features that allow students to publish privately, or to a specific access group, may be useful in certain situations, particularly with young learners.
  • cost – why pay for weblog software when some of the best applications are freely available?
  • hosting – there are different hosting options. We recommend most teachers find free hosting options that contain little or no advertising.

Sign-up – it’s as easy as signing up for a Yahoo or Hotmail account
Posting – it’s as easy as sending an email
Commenting – weblogs aren’t weblogs without the commenting process.
Subscribing – knowing how to subscribe to your students’ weblogs is an important time-saving technique. Don’t attempt classroom blogging with the use of a feed reader!

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